Sunday, January 22, 2017

50 Life Advices

let's be honest, life isn't always beautiful butterflies,  pretty flowers, colourful rainbows, dreamy skies and bright stars all the time. at times, life is a surprising turn of events. heart gets broken friends turn strangers etc. sometimes, life feels dull like it sure does move but it is boring it is repeating and it is just another day. but all those are actually what makes life beautiful to tell you the obvious already. you can't appreciate the value of money if you never run out of it. you can't appreciate God without a little bit of trials every now and then. get what i'm trying to say?

here to 50 life advices i gather myself from my everyday experience. could be more but i'll go with 50 first lah eh.

1) never ever feel entitled.

2) heartbreak is just another way of God telling you to come back to Him and He has a better plan for you.

3) give your best and expect less/little/nothing in return.

4) sedekah and you'll start to believe in miracles.

5) parents are your true treasure. never take them for granted. they must have been there for you all your life but it's never a guarantee they will be there for you forever - the clock is ticking if you know what i mean.

6) honesty isn't always the best policy. but when in doubt, always opt to being honest. it saves you the trouble!

7) siblings are handful but without them life isn't the same.

8) friends are costly. friendships are expensive nowadays. the more friends you have, the littler money you possess. haha. but they are valuable, indeed.

9) marriage isn't an ultimate goal in life. at least, not for me. (this requires a whole new post because it gets translated incorrectly oh so easily!)

10) ditch other women's boyfriends/fiances/husbands the minute you know they are taken. they aren't worth your time/effort/money.

11) if they talk about other people with you, they will talk about you with/to other people.

12) the sincerest doa gets granted almost right away and instead of asking people to pray for you, you pray by yourself for yourself because hello, you know what you want better, no?

13) it's okay to say no to people without explaining yourself. you won't get favoured but you will always be respected for having ground.

14) it's okay to feel down sometimes but don't let it dictate your mind and everyday life.

15) stop forcing yourself into doing something just because everyone else is doing it.

16) it's okay if you can't afford things your same-aged friends can right now. we all have different income, different commitment, different priority alright?

17) social medias elevate insecurities ONLY if you misused it. never ever let social medias dictate your life.

18) try to learn being contented because that way you won't be easily envious of others.

19) it's okay to feel a little bit behind sometimes.

20) somebody loves you out there. you should love yourself too.

21) being insecure robs the joy out of your life. can't help sometimes but learn to overcome it okay?

22) some thing/part you hate about your life/body, somebody else die to have it or love it so much.

23) you can have everything you want in life, just not all at the same time. remind yourself of that daily.

24) your health - that should be your main focus. you think you're still young now, but i know a lot of people who got sick at a very young age. invest your money on health insurance and thank me later.

25) it's never too late to start over.

26) you can't keep a man who refuses to be kept - no matter how hard you try. don't beat yourself up, it's not your fault.

27) the true meaning of failure is GIVING UP.

28) being fat isn't a sin but it sure is a sign of unhealthiness.

29) body shaming is wrong at so many levels and does a lot of damages than you ever think of. stop being an asshole, stop body shaming other people.

30) consistency - that's how you excel in everything.

31) be humble.

32) initiate small talk with strangers. you will be surprised.

33) you can be sitting or even lying beside someone who is completely heartbroken, in total sadness or crumbling down and not noticing it.

34) skincares > makeups. you can't achieve flawless fully dolled up face without a healthy skin. okay maybe you can with a proper technique and crazy expensive 172 products but let's just be honest are we really great at that? nah most of us are not so easier way is to take care of your skin and let it thank you by glowing up itself LOL.

35) most local products are shit they are rebranded and most of them came from the same manufacturer. google is your best friend, before you buy anything, do a proper research especially if it's expensive. you don't want to end up getting disappointed.

36) not everything in trend suits you. don't fall into fashion trend.

37) giving compliments to people doesn't hurt once in awhile. you could make their day! just make sure it comes from your heart.

38) insulting or talking bad about other people says a lot about you than them.

39) travel to places you never been, you'll come back with different views about life and your surrounding. (this, i need to do more)

40) cut back on anything sugary. they do more harm than good.

41) it's okay to enjoy things most people don't enjoy.

42) man and woman can be friends without falling to each other. period.

43) be your own best friend. learn to do things by yourself, to be comfortable being alone. why eating alone in restaurant is considered weird or embarrassing?

44) widen your horizon. don't get stuck thinking you're already good. always strive to improve and block negativity from your life.

45) some people get more interesting the more you know them, some sadly is the opposite.

46) boredom shouldn't be in your dictionary, ever.

47) never belittle others' effort. never belittle others, generally.

48) say thank you and sorry often.

49) smart is the new sexy. being smart > being cool.

50) do what's best for you, not because other people want you to. after all, it's your life.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Petty and Bitter

guys, i can't believe how low can some people go when they are unhappy. and apparently my ex-boss has secured the top 1st place in this award named the most bitter and petty person in 2016. haha.

i held back from speaking ill about him, out of the very little close to none respect i had left in me but some people they are just begging you to bitch about them. like, it's a therapy for them. i can be a bigger person and ignore whatever he said about me. but nah, not today fucktard!

sebenarnya benda ni jadi few days ago tetapi aku cuba tenangkan diri dan tidak snap di laman sosial because i'm better than that. but for the love of ranting, imma do it here - at least this blog get updated. hehe.

earlier this week, i spared some time untuk lepak dengan amin, fatein, azrul (all of them adalah colleagues iols dekat company lama), amin left the company last year before i joined HR, i just left in november and azrul, his last day will be on this 16th jan. fatein pulak is still searching for another job. see? that's how shitty my ex-boss is, it's a fact not many known but you guys are about to. lol. in 4 years he's in charge of HR department, 8 resigned including me. - FACT #1.

so biasalah bila lepak mesti lah ada ambil gambar and share it on social medias. i don't friend him on facebook, but amin does. jadi bila ada gambar tag tag ni tentu lah dia pun ternampak sekali. so dia tanya azrul (whom by the way has lost patience handling everything and started to do exactly what i've done iaitu ignore him and stop talking to him unless if it's really necessary);

"abang ___ nampak gambar fasha fatein amin semua lepak sekali. kat mana tu?" then azrul cakap lah kat ikea. dia tanya pula "ooo.. bila?" and the best thing is his next question:


fuck you.
fuck you.
fuck you.

soalan ni takkan membuat aku naik angin if it's coming from anyone else. trust me. i get that a lot. like bila aku post gambar orang akan tanya KAU DAH KURUS KE. dan sesiapa saja yang tanya aku takde masalah kecuali si fucktard ni. why, you asked? because he's fucking sly dan senantiasa cuba untuk nampak paling baik depan semua orang. HYPOCRITE. and i fucking hate super hate hypocrites and liars! dia lah jenis lelaki yang ada dua titik kat dahi but talks about women's body macam kau bachelor umur 27 tahun? helloooo? belajar lah sedar diri. kat dalam facebook kemain tazkirah orang pasal kena bersyukur tentang rezeki lah apa lah but you don't fight for your staff?! tau sakit hati bila staff bebel kat fb pasal takde bonus increment ciput bla bla bla tapi tak tegur depan-depan, dia pun sama naik post status pasal rezeki lah apa lah kat fb. aku tak payah kawan dengan dia kat fb, i know everything sebab nanti staff department lain hantar screenshot tanya itu ini. TIADA TELUR. lol.

sedihnya jadi orang tua yang first job dan agaknya sampai ke mampos kerja tempat sama. why? because he's so incompetent if he's in other companies he would have gotten sacked long time ago! kenapa dia boleh stay lama, because the only thing he knows is ass kissing. that's how he climbed his career ladder. being in the same company for the past AT LEAST 23 years - that speaks volume about you and nah no NOT A GOOD ONE!

if you don't know him better, you would think that alaaa dia tanya je tu takde niat lain but come on i worked with him and for him and i fucking know he's bitter sebab dia rasa aku penyebab azrul berhenti kerja juga. of course, it's always about everyone else, not you. that's how clueless you are, you fucking asskisser! helloooo if you wanna be petty, i can be pettier okay? i can help fatein, farah, kak shima semua get another job! i swear i can if i want to, though. semua orang sakit jiwa kerja dengan kau dan tengah cari kerja lain but of course you have no idea, kau kan bodoh. all you do in HR is messing things up and other people have to clean after them for you.

tak payah lah susah payah cuba tunjukkan diri tu baik, the truth will prevail eventually.

sibuk nau nak cari bahan nak borak dengan azrul, tapi azrul pun menyampah tengok muka kau? lol.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

My Interview Experience & Tips (ecewahhh!)

remember i told you imma share about my interview experience kalau rajin? i kind of now makanya marilahhh. :D PANJANG NIIII DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOUUU!

as some of you might already know, dekat current company aku in charge the whole recruitment process from a-z; everything. kiranya aku tau setiap seorang yang masuk company aku kerja sekarang ni simply because i process their application dan aku prepare personal file diorang. tetapi untuk interview this time the future company nak cari staff for payroll team. makanya time dia call for phone interview tu aku takde mengharap sangat. aku cuma cakap i am willing to learn any spectrum other than recruitment as long as under HR department. hihi. the phone interview went for about half an hour or so. basically dia tanya apa aku buat sekarang, kenapa nak tukar kerja, berapa current salary dan berapa expected salary aku. simple and very straightforward. agak-agak lepas dia puas hati dengan jawapan dan explanation aku, dia cakap dia akan call for face to face interview if i were shortlisted; which luckily, i was. :D

simply put, the process went like this:

1) I applied through Jobstreet
2) Phone interview
3) Face to face interview
4) Reference check
5) Call to offer

Tips 1: Jobstreet

a) PITCH! jangan malas. tak kisahlah 10 kali pitch 1 je yang lekat pun, PITCH! tunjuk effort sikit lah nak cari kerja tu. jangan pitch mengarut, bagitau kenapa you think you are suitable for that advertised position.
b) resume tu update lah sikit and make sure it is customised. jangan pukul rata nak apply kat bank, kat oil & gas, hotel line semuaaaaaa pakai general resume yang sama. dan walaupun semua details dah ada dalam resume, for jobstreet punya resume pun isi jugak! malas tu jangan tunjuk sangat, recruiter tau. ;) oh dan save lah in pdf. nampak kemas dan format tak lari.
c) make sure pahamkan job scope dia betul-betul. jangan nanti bila interviewer tanya, terbangang-bangang.

Tips 2: Phone Interview

i am not good at this, percayalahhh! tapi di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan. try untuk convince the caller yang you memang betul-betul nak kerja tu. aku jenis tak reti menipu secara spontan makanya aku terus terang aje; tapi walaupun terus terang never ever burukkan company yang kau bekerja atau pernah bekerja. jangan sesekali. soalan femes recruiter akan tanya adalah "why do you want to leave your current job?" prepare lah sikit template answer kalau rasa-rasa english tu so-so ke sebab 9/10 interview, mesti akan tanya soalan ni. soalan ni takde jawapan betul atau salah, ikut kesesuaian. macam aku, aku cakap sebab i have been working for this company over 3 and half years so i believe it is time to move on bla bla bla. tapi kalau kau baru kerja 6 bulan, jangan cakap camtu. menempah kegagalan namanya. dan aku jugak cakap because the company policy has changed; currently aku kena buat kerja untuk 2 company tapi my pay still sama. dan aku rasa voice tone pun kena betul. kau jangan bercakap nyenyenye lembik atau pun over excited sampai asyik potong cakap recruiter tu atau terlalu diam sampai orang tu rasa kau tak betul-betul interested. before you end the call, tunjuk sikit kau appreciate, cakap thank you and hope you get to the next interview.

baiklah sambung pengalaman pergi interview pula. lepas phone interview tu, dalam the same week dia call sekali lagi untuk set interview appointment. aku prefer diorang send by email and usually most companies do tapi kalau diorang tak email, you call and ask them to email you. senang nak refer, jangan pakai cakap mulut je. bila diorang email je aku interview details, papppp 172 kali aku baca email tu nak pahamkan dan takut ada benda penting tertinggal. benda wajib kau harus buat ialah reply. walaupun dah confirm through phone, reply jelaaa unless dia tulis kat email tu do not reply to this email gitu. so aku reply untuk confirm attendance dan aku tanya what are exactly the job responsibilities ( sebenarnya aku apply for recruitment  tapi diorang nak offer payroll). the recruiter did not reply me butttt she took note lah sebab time aku interview tu the interviewer siap cakap "SO YOU ASKED ABOUT THE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THIS JOB?" lalu dia terangkan dengan panjang lebar time interview. :D kenapa aku tanya? sebab aku nak study lololol aku kan takde background payroll. effort katewnyewww. kalau rajin gini time study dulu mungkin dah pakai selempang pink time convo. huahuahuaa.

certain companies dia terus attach job application form sekali kat email so kau kena print, isi dan bawak time interview - which is preferred sebab senang kau boleh tulis sambil baring kat rumah, boleh susun-susun segala document yang dia mintak basically boleh prepare elok-elok lah. it's a 4 pages form guys! dan siap ada essay miahahaha tapi column dia pendek jelaaa dalam half page gitu. essay dia tu dia tanya "what knowledge have you of 'the company name' and how was this obtained?" dan satu lagi, "how do you see yourself fitting into 'the company name' and what is your most likely contribution to 'the company name' within one year?" macam jawab exam guysss ahahaha. haaa kau jawab lah! sejujur-jujur dan sepandai-pandai tupai melompat. aku google je lepas tu tulis pakai ayat sendiri alaaa macam buat esaimen. :DDD

TIPS 3: Preparation for Interview

1)  make sure segalaaaa documents dia mintak tu kau ada dengan lengkap. dan disusun dengan baik. ini nampak simple ya, tapi i judge candidates when they come unprepared. bila kau mintak gambar, dia kata tak sempat amik. bila kau tanya photocopy ic dia kata alamak terlupa nak potostet. bila kau pulak yang kena tunggu dia susun-susun resume, certificates semua depan kau. usually aku susun job application form > resume > certificates (most recent kepada yang dah paling lama) > photocopy IC.
2) buat background study pasal company tu. lagi femes lagi banyak boleh korek. dan kalau ada nama interviewer tu, pergi google dan cari linkedin dia.
3) datang awal! rasa munafik pulak cakap pasal punctuality tapi opkosss itu perkara paling asas dalam hidup lol.

interview appointment aku pukul 4 pm tapi aku dah sampai pukul 3.10 pm macam tu sebab dia kata kena datang awal setengah jam, ada test. nebes ke tidakkk siap ada test?! makanya study lah seorang kak jah di pagi hari (nampak perangai last minute tu tak pernah hilang dalam hidup walaupun dah tua bangka?) tentang bagaimana nak kira OT dan sebagainya, just in case. hakhak. tapi rupanya tak payah test sebab i bukan apply kerja bahagian tax ke nak jadi auditor ke so relax-relax je. aku suka datang awal time interview sebab aku suka tengok office environment dan tengok sekeliling ada benda-benda aku boleh gunakan time interview nanti ke tidak. :D and i kind of impressed the HR there lah sebab sampai awal dan come well prepared katewnyewww. nampak macam well-organised bukan? nampak sahaja. bak kata xeera, kalau tak kenal nampak macam classy dan sophisticated cuma jangan kenal rapat sangat je dia akan jadi selekeh dan menyebalkan. kahkahkah. yang belakang tu i tambah.

Tips 4: Face to Face Interview

1) body language and posture. pastikan duduk tegak, sentiasa senyum, eye contact, tangan time jawab soalan tu tak payah mengibas-ngibas sangat, you know, just be as natural as you can be. kalau i interview orang aku suka tengok time dia nak pass kan resume dan certificates macam mana cara dia. kelam kabut? dah tersusun cantik elok? baru nak susun depan interviewer? 
2) honesty is the best policy, tapi jangan sampai burukkan your current/past employer. honesty kat sini means elakkan lah menipu. kalau dapat kerja based on menipu ni rasa-rasa perjalanan pekerjaan tu cerah ke? sooner or later orang akan tau jugak yang kita ni menipu. percayalahhh! kalau you tak tau jangan tipu kata you tau, you biasa buat, memang kat company lama you buat semua tu. jangan. aku time interview dia tanya pernah buat payroll tak ada pengalaman kira OT tak bla bla bla aku cakap takde. padahal sebenarnya ada cuma aku tak power dan aku buat sikit-sikit je. kalau aku, aku lebih suka orang ingat aku tak tau dan lepas tu bila masuk kerja dan kau boleh buat semua benda, orang surprised rather than kau cakap kau reti buat semua benda bila masuk kerja terbangang-bangang. sakit je hati nak mengajar kan? tapi kena bijak lahhh. jangan pulak semua benda kau kata kau tak tau dah tu buat apa dia nak amik kau kerja?
3) sama jugak macam tips kat atas, kalau rasa tak yakin dengan penguasaan bahasa inggeris korang, study lah sikit soalan-soalan famous time interview and then rangka jawapan sendiri. jawapan pikir awal-awal so nanti time interview takde lah kau pandang langit mengharapkan jawapan turun dalam bentuk snowflakes. 1 lagi, jangan overconfident sangat. tau kau kelulusan oversea lepas tu english kau memang kedebabom lalu kau poyo. jangan. selalunya orang poyo ni interviewer memang pangkah. sebab orang poyo 90% daripadanya memang pandai cakap je kerja hampeh.
4) the first 10 minutes of your interview is the most crucial part, NAIL THEM! percaya lahhh selalunya dalam first 10 minutes tu interviewer tu dah decide dia nak kau ke tak. the rest tu just untuk dia dapatkan more information pasal kau to convince management untuk ambik kau bekerja. selalunyalahhh. tak kata all the time. ;)

so dalam pukul 3.40 macam tu recruiter panggil aku sebab aku sampai awal kan so might as well start awal katanya. masuk meeting room dia rasa macam terpegun sebab besar dan lengkap jika dibandingkan dengan my current company at that time lololol. tak baik compare orang kata, tapi you can't help it??? then the recruiter offer nak minum apa-apa tak of course bila nebes tak rasa nak apa-apa guys! i mintak air suam je. dah lah time tu tak sihat. T___T sementara menunggu tu i susun dulu all my documents atas meja. belek-belek sikit kasi hilang nebes and after 10 minutes the senior manager came in. well-fitted dress, blazer and covered heels all in muted grey/black shades. i was wearing black top, black skirt and maroon heels. huahuahuaa. i just couldn't do all black or dark colours that's just not me? so warm, so humble, so friendly the interviewer was. rasa macam berborak aje, seriously! memula memang tersangat nervous tapi dah the interviewer tu relax je tanya macam berbual-bual lalu i pun terus hilang kenebesan dan menjadi diri sendiri (yang tak selekeh dan menyebalkan, jangan risau). basically dia tanya soalan tentang kenapa cari kerja lain? kenapa after more than 3 years baru cari kerja lain? apa benefits yang i dapat kat current company? apa yang i expect from the new job? would that be okay kalau what i am going to do is sooo much different that what i was doing at that time? pasal family background, my current hr team how big is the team? how do i handle difficult staff? what do i do when i get angry/upset? can i work in a team? bagi contoh when you have to disagree with the team and what is the justification? and then dia explain a lot like a lotttt pasal the job scopes, roles and responsibilities because i asked the recruiter in the email before. guys, if there is one thing i belajar tentang kerja sepanjang i menjadi dewasa ni, make sure you know your job scope very very very clearly! sebab nanti orang main campak aje kerja kat kau because you have no proper job scope.

the interview went so well and it was an hour session or so macam tu. aku keluar bilik interview rasa macam aaaa leganya macam jiwa tenang dan aman damai. and usually that's a good sign! always always trust your guts! lol. tapi there was one thing yang buat aku rasa macam tak selamat. the interviewer keeps mentioning pasal aku punya personality yang more to recruitment side rather than payroll side. paham kannnn? time interview tu waktu aku explain pasal diri sendiri bla bla bla dia siap cakap yes i can see you're good with people, you are good at communicating and i feel like you're made for recruitment. do you think you can fit into the payroll team? they're more reserved and maybe not as talkative and sometimes they are quiet. lepas tu dia keep on cakap benda yang sama lahhh. like payroll ni memang totally different dengan recruitment are you okay with that. guys, i kan desperate nak kerja lain mesti lah i cakap ok. lol. tapi tu jelahhh yang bug me so much. macam kalau aku tak dapat kerja ni most prolly because of my personality or the fact that i have zero experience in payroll. dua tu je kot.

my interview was on wednesday kan, friday evening macam tu dapat call from the manager herself pukul 6.50 pm time tu aku tengah melantak kat sushi king pitamsss. dia call just nak tanya is it okay untuk dia buat reference check dengan referees yang aku bagi tu. aku cakaplah ok je. my 2 referees were aniss and azrul lololol. then dia tanya if she can check with someone superior than me memandangkan both referees aku ada adalah sama level dengan aku. aku terus terang je cakap aku boleh bagi the number but problem is, they don't know i am looking for another job and going to interview, unless kalau aku confirm dapat the job takde masalah. what if kalau aku tak dapat kerja. gituhhhh. dia cakap dia understand so dia just go for these two referees je laaa. i lupa guys i have another one manager i worked really close with iaitu walter! he's good and open minded and i respect him a lot! patut letak nama dia. miahahaha.

on monday petang, dia call both aniss and azrul. lama pulak tuuuuuu. more than 15 mins each of them. tapi okay lah aku dah pesan awal-awal kat diorang this interviewer might call them soon. takde lah diorang terbangang-bangang terkejut kan. tapi both of them cakap rasa macam diorang pulak yang kena interview because this manager ni tanya macam-macam pasal aku. banyakkkk dan macam-macam.

on tuesday tu dia terus call to offer. alhamdulillahhh! kan aku cakap i don't mind untuk short notice. tapi dia cakap it's okay they can wait. so dia nak aku start in december so that i will have an ample time untuk tender and serve 1 month notice. oleh kerana i sukakan kepastian, haruslah i deal cakap kalau dia boleh siapkan my offer letter by the next day aku boleh datang untuk discuss and maybe sign the offer letter memandangkan aku cuti keesokkan harinya. sekalik dia tanya "by all means, you're not going for any other interview right?" dan dengan nebesnya i jawab tidak padahal sebenarnya iya guysss that prolly the one time i lied in this whole interview process LOLOLOL. takkan nak cakap memang pergi interview? takut lahhh. but to think of it now, patutnya cakap jelaaa mana lah tau dia nak nego gaji i kasi tinggi sikit miahahahah kau tamak kannn fasheeha orang tamak selalu rugi nasib baik tak tamakkk! dan the next day lepas i pergi another interview which i also got that job (say whattttt?! :D) aku pun pergi discuss offer letter. i dunno guys, my heart memang leaning towards this company.

i have always wanted to be in a corporate company, and i got it! one thing i learned from this whole situation i was in, i have to be careful of what i wish for sebab memang dapat guys. tuhan memang sayangkan i. semuaaaaaa yang i nak memang i dapat! sumpah tak tipu. it's just a matter of time lah. ada yang dapat cepat, ada yang dapat lambat. tapi memang dapat. alhamdulillah.

to those yang actively seeking for a job, my pray goes for you okay. semoga semua orang dapat apa yang diimpikan (yang baik-baik sahaja, awasss!). God knows better! kena ada usaha dan banyakkan berdoa, insyaAllah tuhan tolong.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Buat Teruk

sebelum aku tender dan ketika aku tengah gigih cari kerja lain, aniss pernah cakap dengan aku:

"you, kalau you dah tender nanti mesti i takkan cakap dengan you sangat.."

we were both aggressively looking for another job at that time dan apparently aku rasa dia lagi banyak dapat interview call dari aku cumanya mungkin dia lebih memilih lah kalau compare dengan aku. i am desperate so i would have just grabbed anything before my eyes! okay lah takde lah ANYthing, oh well you get my point. hehe.

lepas aku dah tender aku tak rasa pun dia tak cakap ngan aku ke apa sebab aku pun busy kadang tak sempat lunch sama. apparently we are that clingy colleagues yang pergi lunch sama, toilet trip sama, chili's sama dan kadang tu even weekends pun bersama. lol.

aku try lah jugak limitkan perbualan tentang kerja baru dan berhenti kerja because kalau aku kat tempat dia, walaupun aku gembira sebab kawan aku dapat kerja baru dan akhirnya boleh keluar dari hidup yang penuh misery (huahuahuaa), honestly speaking aku akan rasa sedih jugak sebab lepas ni it would not be the same anymore - lunch without the ever pretty and funny Fasheeha? that's not lunch that's just eating zombiely! TIBERWWW. kahkahkah feeling lah kau!

well the clock doesn't stop ticking, sedar tak sedar dah 3 minggu aku tender dan tinggal kurang lagi 2 minggu (last week) sebelum aku bebetul resign. so time lunch tetiba aniss tanya "lepas ni you nak makan chili's ngan i lagi ke?" aku pandang muka kerek dan cakap "you rasa? MESTILAHHH! itu acara bulanan!" then dia cakap "yelahhh mana lah tahu lepas ni dah tak nak keluar dengan i dah, entah-entah tak ingat dah i." lalu aku terus balas "eh yelahhh nanti you text i i tanya who's this? aniss? which aniss sorry i can't recall"

"you berani lahhh cakap you tak kenal i! i delete you dalam contact list i, block kat semua social media i takkan cakap dengan you sampai bila-bila. you're dead to me! i hope you fail! goodbye cocksucker!"


dan few days ago dia tanya lagi "so you nak ke makan chili's dengan i lagi lepas ni?" dan time tengah makan dia buat-buat sedih lap pipi konon menangis.


i swear aniss adalah jenis yang bukan nak manja-manja clingy kepit gesel ngada tu guys. dia jenis kalau kau buat-buat tersentuh ke pegang tangan dia ke dia akan buat muka ngeri.

beralih pula ke kak shida.

haih yang ini tak tau nak start macam mana. she's been working with the company for more than 20 years kalau tak silap makanya dia mesti lah dah well-versed dengan situasi "people come and go" ni. kak shida ni sumpahhh hampir almost sebijik macam toh puan sri. perangai dia, cara cakap dia, dia suka lelaki beruniform, dan kitorang suka share pasal macam-macam cerita yang kalau aku dengar dari dia kira macam aku memahami situasi toh puan sri dan kalau dia dengar cerita daripada aku, dia akan memahami situasi anak dia, suri.

kak shida ni jenis orang yang lambat panas tau. kalau kau baru masuk kerja dia takkan tegur kau ke apa dia akan pandang kau atas bawah gitu lah. so aku memula dulu takut sikit ngan dia. time tu kak shida kat operation bahagian customer service jadi kitorang bekerja quite close lah sebab aku yang kena buat report IMC card bagai tu. tapiii time tu aku ngan kak shida tak berborak beria pun. cuma hal kerja. tapi bila kak shida replace tempat aku sebab aku pindah ke HR pappp terus kitorang rapat sebab 1 opis. so bila berborak tu macam ehhh kena lahhh boleh masuk. dan kitorang suka tempe! jadi bebila dia masak tempe mesti dia akan teringat aku. pastu kitorang suka biskut orang tua, yang hup seng ada gula tu.

bila aku tender hari tu, aku memang tak war-warkan kat office. aku diammm je siapa tau, tau lah. cuma bila aku naik angin baru-baru ni baru lah ramaiii yang tau. jadi kak shida pun salah seorang yang baru tahu jugak. nak dijadikan cerita agaknya time tu dia baru tau dan kitorang terserempak otw nak ke toilet, sekali kak shida tanya "ehhh fasha dah tender eh?" aku cakap lah iya. lepas tu aku cerita lah sikit-sikit pasal bila tender bila interview semua tu. sekalikkk kak shida kesat air mata. menjejeh-jejeh keluar air mata pilu.

"ishhh apesal lah airmata aku ni keluar mencurah-curah ni tak paham lah aku!" sambil kesat airmata lagi. tapi dia gelak-gelak. "apa yang aku sedih sangat pun aku tak tau lahhh!" "akak ingat fasha cakap fasha nak pergi interview lah apa lah tu main-main je sebab stress kat opis. patut lah nampak dok ajar azrul. ingatkan nak share kerja ke apa. rupanya memang pass terusss!" lalu keluar lagi airmata kak shida. hahaha.

huwaaaaaaaa paham tak sedihhh jugak kalau kak shida sedihhh!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Of Growing Up & Drifting Apart

i have been meaning to talk about this for millionth times already but each time i just paused and said to myself - it's not the time yet. but truthfully speaking guys, when will we ever have the right time? tell me. and even if we do, how do you know it is the right timing? is there any hint? intuition? so i figured, i might as well talk about it now.

i have heard not once, not twice but a whole lot number of times people saying to me that some friends are not the way they used to be. i sometimes feel like some of my friends have changed too. heck, perhaps to my friends i am the one who have changed ,who bloody knows?

tell you what, growing and changing, they are inevitable. if you don't grow what the hell are you doing with your life? if you don't change, not at all, not even slightly, tell me what have you been doing all this while?

friends, they come and go. nothing in this life is permanent. i live by believing in it. if you happen to be my friend and one day you leave, i thank you for our memories and the lessons you taught me.  i guess i am kind of lucky when it comes to friendship; i have had great friends in the past, i still have most of them now without me putting much effort in keeping them. how the hell did i get so lucky?

but of course i have had few friends whom we have drifted apart but it was almost completely nothing personal. we grow up. we have our own lives. and if we happen to bump into each other someday, i will smile ever so brightly to myself knowing that at one point in my life, we used to cross paths.

God, this is such a gloomy post! haha.

been feeling a little bit nostalgic today because today is my last day working on saturday after 3 years and 8 months! man, time does flyyy! woot woot! can't believe imma embark on a whole lot new journey in 2 weeks' time! see, when i told you imma make the most out of me in my 27, i wasn't lying! hehe.