Saturday, June 3, 2017

Toh Puan Sri #1

i know i haven't written about my mom for so long. guys, nothing new here. my mom still slays, still rocks, still that savage mother whom i love so dearly - gaduh selalu, tapi sayang always.

so last thursday, my dear best friend texted me about her Mak's passing. i couldn't be more sad but i suck at expressing it. plus, i've been there, remember Tokpah you guys? i wrote about Mak some time before, about how i loveee her and how warm she is towards me when i went to JB for xeera's solemnization. she is no longer here but we all know she is at a better place, in God's embrace. innalillah and may Allah bless her kind soul.

i had a good thought about all this, about how we are all living in this temporary world and soon we are going to leave and that reminds me of my parents, my loved ones. i gotta appreciate them more and more! so i guess i'm gonna write about my mom, more. lol if you are friends with me on facebook, i talk about her all the time kat sini je yang dah kurang. :)

anyway, i have my baju raya sorted this year. like finally! for the past 3 years i haven't bought any sebab 1) couldn't care less 2) i have lots tailored bridesmaids baju i can recycle. tapi this year wedding invitation pun macam suam-suam kuku, most prolly because most of best friends are married kan. so i ran out of proper traditional clothes to wear!

macam biasa, whatever i do, whatever i buy - i always tell and share it with toh puan sri. entah, memang habit and sebab she is the most honest person i know! so kalau nak mintak pendapat dengan dia, kena buka hati dan minda seluas-luasnya dan tadah telinga setabahnya.

nak dijadikan cerita, i was just testing my new baju raya and showing it to her. ok fine, sebenarnya nak suruh dia zip kan baju sebab tangan tak sampai *coughs* gemuk *coughs*. sambil tu feeling catwalk depan dia tanya ok ke tak. sambil dia zip kan baju sambil dia bebel.

TPS: tak panas ke baju kau niiii. kain ni panas ni!

me: panas lah mak, tapi takpe lah nak cantik makkk. kena tahan lah.

TPS: eiii kalau aku tak pakai lahhh kain macam ni.

me: ok tak mak? cantik tak? kurus tak? *totally ignoring her words*

TPS: hmmm okay lah. tapi warna dia kureng sikit. takde yang terang-terang ke?

guys, mak i selagi tak oren tak merah menyala tak kuning makanya itu semua dull pada dia. dengan alasan i lebih sesuai memakai warna terang-terang. she's probably the one main reason why i love ORANGE colour and kita semua tahu oren adalah one of the least favourite colours by choice. miahahaha.

TPS: kau kena kuruskan sikit pinggul kau tu. tu lemak semua tu.

TPS lagi: bra kau, tukar. beli baru. tak cantik.

me: tak cantik ke mak? okay je ni elok je.



i thought married women have beautiful plump boobs, guys? bukan itu cantik ke? LOLOLOL.


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