Sunday, May 21, 2017

Jeffree Star

can't believe i just discovered herrrrr (or him, whatevs) on youtube! here is my confession, i have watched over hundreds of make up tutorials online sebab hellooo, who doesn't like seeing pretty girls who look put together?! tetapi over time, i realize yang i tak suka tengok malay youtubers punya make up video sebab they just have a lot to ramble dan by the time nak sampai part diorang nak mekap, i dah bosan dan pilih next video. atau, tertidur (i just don't have patience for that) dan most of their videos are cringeworthy. 

okay back to jefree star. selama ni i was just skipping her videos sebab erk too much pink nobody ain't got time for that! dan, i hate tattoos and she has tattoos covered her entire body, literally. i terganggu guys. i tak boleh. tetapi last few days i macam tertengok 1 video dia dan i got to admit, few tutorials and hours later, i'm hooked! sebab dia kelakar! i love me some good pondan vibe once in a while.

makanya, sini i share antara favourite line dia yang juga telah menjadi favourite line i. dan of course, you gotta watch her videos to be able to imagine how she utters the line tapi basically korang boleh bayangkan lah kalau pondan, of course with ATTITUDE! love.

on blending:

1) let's bounce
2) let's give it a whirlll
3) blend it like you're gonna have a carpal tunnel the next day

kalau dia happy dengan some of the products dia try on:

1) oh wow, occay
2) oh hi
3) good morning
4) heyyy, i see you

on contouring:

1) my nose is pinched i'm barely breathing right now

on highlighting (she's a big fannnn):

1) my cheek is like BLINDING right now - BL-INDINGGG.
2) my cupid bow looks a little lonely here

when she isn't happy with the products:

1) hmmm i'm not feeling it
2) i'm not living for it

i think i love it most when she's surprised with some products yang maybe dia tak letak high expectation. there was one video of hers dia review all maybelline products yang tu for me kelakar. pastuh nanti macam dia ulang-ulang part dia wow and buat bunyi uuuu. bukan lah kelakar yang kau pause dan tergelak-gelak tu. but macam terNTN. (noise-through-nose) and you knowwww i'm hard to impress!

so sekarang ni macam dalam hati i kalau i happy nampak makanan ke terus macam HEYYY GOOD MORNING kat makanan tu. -____-"

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